Jan Van Den Hombergh: Gorontalo Tourism destinations are lack of promotion

READ.ID – A Tourist from Amsterdam Holland, Jan Van Den Hombergh, admitted that tourism promotion for Gorontalo is still far from what it should be.

When Read.id reporters interviewed him, he said he actually wanted to visit Togian Island, Central Sulawesi, and Gorontalo was found as a transit to get there.

“Yes, I see on Wikitravel.org, Gorontalo is the most used as a hub to go to Togian,” said Jan.

With its old colonial buildings, surrounding waterfalls, hot springs and pristine coral reefs for diving Gorontalo, it should be a world famous destination, however, most travelers use it as a hub for the Togean islands – written in wikitravel.org.

According to him, Wikitravel.org is one of reference websites for tourist to look for the destinations eventhough there are several other that are widely used by travelers.

When we asked, how he could find Harry & Mimin Home Stay and why he decided to stay there, he explained that he found this homestay on Airbnb. He read the wonderful reviews and found that harry & mimin is the only one airbnb member in gorontalo who has labeled as a superhost “Homestay”, means has the best service in town.

He shocked when we show him the gorontalo potential tourism on youtube, one of them is olele marine park

“I wish I read more about Gorontalo and stay for more days to see all the beautiful things”

Unfortunately he had to leave immediately to togean cause it has been planned before.


Sumber Youtube : Destinasi Pariwisata Gorontalo | Pesona Indonesia

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